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Obrela assessed by ICAP Group as one of the “Strongest Companies in Greece”

Obrela Security Industries has been included in the “Strongest Companies in Greece”, based on the ICAP Rating Score. This acknowledgment facilitates the business transactions of the company in Greece and abroad, by certifying that it belongs to the group of companies with very low credit risk. The “Strongest Companies in Greece” is a community of enterprises […]

Obrela at AthCon

AthCon is a reknown security conference targeting audiences with interest in Information Security, standing out from the rest with its vendor independent character. A large number of equally interesting presentations took place; exploitation, reverse engineering, penetration testing, network security, cloud security are only a small subset of the topics that were presented. As a highlight, […]

Obrela Security Industries allies with cutting-edge ArcSight Technology, for the provision of Managed Information Security Services of high quality and reliability

Since October 2009, Obrela Security Industries maintains a strategic agreement with ArcSight – the most prominent provider of Security Events & Log Management software in the world today – for the provision of Managed Information Security Services domestically and abroad. Obrela Security Industries’ choice of ArcSight technology has been the product of multi-year corporate market research as well as consultation of independent […]

Obrela Security Industries Sponsors AthCon IT Security Conference 2011

Obrela Security Industries is the Diamond Sponsor of AthCon IT Security Conference 2011 – a leading information security conference- which will take place at the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2011, at Jockeys Country Club at Tatoi. AthCon is an annual, European two-day conference, targeting particular areas of information security (attacking techniques of exploitation, various forms of penetration testing, […]