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Obrela Security Industries Corporate Presentation

Obrela Security Industries (OSI) provides security analytics and risk management services to identify, analyse, predict and prevent highly sophisticated security threats in real time. Engineered for complex enterprise environments our technology allows for the highest, complete and most robust protection that clients can get.

Datasheet: Risk Management

By employing the embedded asset decomposition functionality, assets can be decomposed to network or system elements creating a relative risk matrix, which can be leveraged to interconnect SWORDFISH with modern SEM and SIM systems. It is then possible to respond on a real-time basis to risks as soon as they occur. Download Brochure

Datasheet: Workflow Management

Using this powerful workflow engine clients can develop, define and streamline security procedures. SWORDFISH allows the allocation of tasks to security roles as well as end-users, and defines deadlines, priorities and escalation paths, based on corporate security requirements and regulations. Download Brochure

Datasheet: Governance

The SWORDFISH Governance Module enables the development of Information Security Content including information security policies, standards and procedures. Module users can leverage the embedded content library, which includes documents for every security requirement, standard or policy or can develop new from scratch using the embedded functionality for document management and writing. Download Brochure

Datasheet: Compliance Management

The implementation and monitoring of an Information Security Framework constitute not only a business need but also a regulatory obligation for many organizations. Identifying such needs in the market, SWORDFISH assists businesses in demonstrating the compliance of their entire organization against internal security policies, international standards and government regulations, through audit questionnaires and procedure enforcement statistics. Download Brochure

Datasheet: Asset Management

Swordfish allows effortless asset decomposition and supports the assessment of asset related risks under a concept called “The Universe”. Universe serves the purpose of performing detailed asset mapping, as well as asset decomposition for governance, risk and compliance purposes. A multilevel tree structure of asset instances helps decomposing and organizing assets in terms of people, processes and technology. Hierarchy levels respect the concept of “Asset belongs to…” […]

Datasheet: Vulnerability Management

On this ground, Obrela Security Industries has developed a unified, next-generation, innovative, centralized Vulnerability Management platform; SWORDFISH VMC. Vulnerability Management Console is a centralized security reporting web application environment, based on a customized information workflow, optimized for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment activity projects. On top of security reporting, VMC offers a versatile customizable workspace, providing monitoring capabilities based on user defined parameters, allowing the visual presentation of report statistics, criticality, resolution status etc. […]

Datasheet: Ciso Portal (The Hub)

One of the key functions of the Swordfish Platform is the rapid and centralized deployment of the ISF to the entire organization based on each employee, Business Role and Information Security Role. The Swordfish Platform achieves this via the CISO Portal module, which is the application homepage for all end-users. The CISO portal, as its name suggests, is designed to be the single reference point and information repository […]

BadRabbit ransomware attack

A new ransomware campaign by the name BadRabbit has targeted Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Japan and other countries, the Security Operations Center of Obrela Security Industries want to keep our customers continuously updated of the attack and provide threats mitigation and prevention guidance. SOC has increased its readiness and verbosity over anomalies in SMB traffic, […]