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In Depth includes services which cover most of the IT environment like servers, network devices, workstations, build standards for systems and applications, IT environment Architecture and other aspects and components.

Obrela Security Industries values greatly this kind of assessment due to the full knowledge and depth approach that is followed. This approach allows us to provide the highest possible level of assurance at the whole IT environment or selected parts within it.In full communication with the client, Obrela Security Industries performs every Audit in great detail and with excellent results. This is possible by taking advantage of the vast experience which comes from both the expertise of Obrela Security Industries engineers and the hundreds of projects performed.

Different methodologies are followed during In Depth assessments, depending on the kind of the IT environment component in scope and of course the exact scope work which was agreed with the client.

OSI covers In Depth by offering the following services:

  • Configuration Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • System Audit
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Mobile Workstation Audit
  • Architecture Review and Design
  • Build Standards (Security Baselines) development and review
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