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By leveraging the event collection and normalization abilities of ArcSight Technology, OBRELA collects and securely stores log data from hundreds of types of commercial products.

SIMaaS takes advantage of the OBRELA high-availability centralized log management platform leveraging technology developed by HP ArcSight. Although with limited correlation capabilities compared to SIEMaaS, SIMaaS offers an affordable alternative, incorporating basic correlation capabilities and rule sets in order to fit with the Client’s sensitive infrastructure, providing an increased level of situational awareness.

SIMaaS console allows clients to visualize, analyze and manage logs in near real time. Our easy-to-use service delivery portal allows users to drill-down and pivot on an asset, incident, or user to better understand the nature and importance of any security event. Graphical dashboards are fully customizable and users can select a wide range of pre-built reports.

Clients using our SIMaaS enjoy the ability to perform “forensics on the fly”, run ultra-fast searches of raw and structured log data with speeds up to 4 Million Events per Second via a simple, “Google-like” interface without any concerns regarding technology risks, deployment, storage size monitoring, scalability, security and performance. High performance search and reporting can reduce hours of manual effort down to minutes or seconds valuable especially in periods where time matters, like for instance in the case of security incident investigation.

SIMaaS is enriched and integrated with our unique and proprietary HARDCORE© content that optimizes investigation, visualization and reporting of security events from a variety of sources.
Step-by-step guidelines and configuration instructions are provided to the Client for each of the log sources that will be OnBoarded in the Service along with Logging Level Optimization support to allow the clients to fine-tune the logging capabilities based on the specific architecture and needs of each critical system.

SIMaaS can be delivered through the cloud or deployed on-premises with an opt-in for license transfer. At a glance:

  • SIMaaS is a SIEMaaS ready service offering.
  • Log Management and Retention
  • Managed or Cloud Based
  • SIEM ready
  • Compliance PCI, HIPAA, SOX
  • Based on HP ArcSight
  • Limitation in terms of Content
  • Opt-in for License Transfer
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