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User Activity Analytics

All organizations have a special group of users that have elevated privileges or capabilities on their systems and applications. This (or any other definable) group of users needs to be continually supervised in order to ensure proper behavior and actions within the organizations systems.

User Activity Analytics help organizations achieve compliance and implement a solid security oversight by integrating:

  • Privileged user and account monitoring
  • IP address/Hostname to user mapping
  • Shared account tracking
  • Terminated employee/contractor access detection
  • Role-based controls reporting
  • Multi-account correlation
  • Remote and Third Party Users Monitoring

User Activity Monitoring is powered by the SIEM technology and provides complete visibility of all critical user/system account activity by linking the user, role and group information in directory and IDM systems with the actual activity logs across the whole enterprise.

By analyzing what each user does and applying their characteristics to the event, User Activity Monitoring constitutes an invaluable method to detect potentially risky activity, including data theft and unauthorized access to confidential information, or evaluate the change management process. Monitoring user activity enables our clients to verify their internal controls are effective, reducing the risk of data theft and failed audits.

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