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Web Resource Analytics

Web Resource analytics enable the assessment of the integrity and availability of web resources, in order to identify and respond in-time to scenarios such as:

  • Defacements
  • Misconfigurations / Errors
  • Client Side Malware
  • Sensitive Data Disclosure
  • Unauthorized Content Modification

The customer’s key web resources and their approved activities are extensively tested until a “Standard” baseline is developed. This baseline is then applied and monitored ‘round the clock. Any deviation from this mapping will trigger flags within OBRELA Security Operations Center and strict rules of engagement are followed, allowing the customer to act quickly and decisively.

Several analytic phases are applied:

  • Web resources availability checking
  • Web resource response time averages
  • Similarity scores based on diff tables
  • Screenshot similarity score based on image recognition algorithms
  • Malicious client side code identification based on malware signatures
  • SSL/TLS checking

The framework provides:

  • Real-time correlation in the SIEM engine
  • Integration with virtually any SIEM supporting in-depth correlation configurations
  • Automated alerting
  • Snapshot retention for long-term reference
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