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Manage your business using actual threat data and ensure compliance with the international best practices and regulations.

Our Risk Management Services can replace disparate governance and compliance functions with an integrated set of services that include the technology and resources required to sustain the underlying processes.

Unlike to typical consulting engagement and methods where clients need to engage internal resources, time and budget to participate in workshops, data gathering and analysis activities our Risk Management services leverage our unique SWORDFISH Technology to reduce cyber security program development and deployment times, improve content and context dissemination adoption, effectively lowering Cyber Security OPEX.

SWORDFISH serves as the centralized collaboration and security management system enabling the effective coordination of cyber security and operational activities (policy management, vulnerability management, event management) and streamlining core security procedures (access management, change management). Client’s end-users can now play an active role, participate and contribute in the cyber security program, communicate with their peers or the management and follow day-to-day security procedures based on their business profile and security role.

For the end-users, SWORDFISH becomes the Corporate Cyber Security Portal, allowing them to access corporate policies and content and initiate or actively participate and contribute in security and compliance procedures. SWORDFISH can address multiple process models, different disciplines and organizational structures and can seamlessly integrate with third party technology.

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