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Operational Security requires a continuous process of awareness, preparedness and readiness; The Cyber Security Program. A highly demanding, cross-domain activity that requires effective communication and coordination between people that often have different knowledge and perspective for Cyber Security within the organization.

The Managed Program suite of services aims to support the organization towards the establishment of a Security Governance Framework orchestrating people and operational security activities and ensuring compliance with standards, laws and regulations. OBRELA offers a spectrum of services and flexible delivery models from co-sourcing to complementing the strengths within an organization.
Drawing on the experience of our highly-skilled professionals, we help our clients improve their Cyber Security organization towards:

  • The establishment and maintenance of the necessary security framework, policies and procedures
  • The definition and implementation of an Enterprise Wide and end2end organizational security program
  • Supporting, facilitating and ensuring compliance with industry standards, as well as with legal and regulatory requirements.

The Managed Program services are designed to support the client’s enterprise information security program providing corporate information security management and subject matter expert advice to Senior Management under a Service Level Agreement. Our services are primarily tailored to enterprises without an internal vertical Information Security organization, but are equally highly valued among clients who require to support their internal security team.

Our Managed Program service offering includes SWORDFISH on-premises deployment with the following features:

  • Pre-packaged, content and sector-specific GRC solutions for rapid deployment
  • Continuous monitoring and compliance management
  • Periodic system reviews and controls testing for effectiveness and compliance
  • Ongoing content management
  • Support and maintenance
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Integration with SIEM and Third Party products using the connector technology
  • Real time dashboards and standard regular reporting are produced as part of the service.

The following service offerings are currently available:

Policy Management Risk Management Ongoing Support Awareness and Training
ISF Development Regular Risk Assessments Expert Advice Content Development
ISF and Content Management TPISA Decision Making Campaign Management
Implementation Roadmap Risk Mitigation Plan Security Training
Tracking Tracking
Reporting Reporting
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