Threat Analytics

Threat Analytics

Our Threat Analytics are designed to leverage situations where industry standard solutions fail to address advanced attack vectors, security risks and exposures.

Our HARDCORE© Threat Analytics Content leverages threat intelligence, expert rules and advance security analytics algorithms to reveal abnormal or suspicious behavior and patterns that can be used to trigger alerts and security response procedures.

Provided on top of already deployed event collection and/or correlation mechanisms, HARDCORE© enables advanced and in-depth analysis of large amounts of log data allowing client organizations to discover, visualize, and communicate meaningful insights from a variety of sources along with simplicity in deployment and management, from small to enterprise scale, and eliminate tradeoffs between performance and efficiency.These products are tightly integrated with ArcSight SIEM platform and are designed to work as part of the Threat Management suite of services; nevertheless, they can be integrated as a key component with any SIEM Technology and work seamlessly across diverse SIEM setups.


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Threat Analytics