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Our Threat Detection Services combine collective intelligence practices and methods with leading edge security analytics and sophisticated risk management technology to identify, analyse, predict and prevent cyber-security threats in real time.

Going far beyond the limits of a SIEM technology, we collect and analyze structured and unstructured security related data from all systems, networks and applications, generating valuable intelligence for new, emerging and advanced security threats and giving our clients a unique advantage in predictability, preparation and response.

Threat Detection services are engineered to be vendor independent, practically capable to detect security events from any product, system, application, network device available in the market today.

  • SIMaaS
    By leveraging the event collection and normalization abilities of ArcSight Technology, OBRELA collects and securely stores log data from hundreds of types of commercial products.
    SIMaaS takes advantage of the OBRELA high-availability centralized log management platform leveraging technology developed by HP ArcSight. Although with limited correlation capabilities compared to SIEMaaS, SIMaaS offers an affordable alternative, incorporating basic correlation capabilities and rule sets in order to fit with the Client’s sensitive infrastructure, providing an increased level of situational awareness.
  • SIEMaaS
    Free from the high set-up and ownership costs and technology risks, typically associated with any in-house SIEM deployment, clients access award winning SIEM and security analytics technology combined with ongoing management, operation, configuration and fine-tuning, on-demand and completely as-a-Service
    Our state-of-the-art SIEMaaS technology operated 24x7x365 is pro-actively monitoring network systems and applications looking for suspicious activity and notifying when security events require additional analysis, investigation or action. The advanced real-time correlation and behavioral analysis capabilities of our SIEMaaS platform identifies the relevance of any given event by placing it within context of who, what, where, when and why that event occurred, in order to derive its impact on business risk terms.
  • SOCaaS
    SOCaaS is designed both for customers who select the SIEMaaS and/or SIMaaS Services as well as for customers who have already deployed SIEM or SIM Technology in-house, but require a viable alternative to outsource the operational and monitoring activities.
    Our SOCaaS is a Security Operations Center (SOC) subscription based service that ensures real time monitoring and analysis of the security events, proactive incident management and compliance with regulations. The SOCaaS approach provides a unique solution for customers wanting to outsource their information security operations to attain reliable, transparent, and efficient security and privacy. The service level includes real-time security monitoring and response by the OSI Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) including Analysis and Validation of the alerts, their interpretation to meaningful and actionable information, escalation based on mutually agreed Rules of Engagement and guidance throughout the lifecycle of security incidents until their mitigation and recovery.
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