Swordfish Security Data Lake

Nowadays companies have to store and process an enormous amount of security related data in order to take the correct decisions and safeguard valuable corporate assets. Traditional methods of storing and processing data are not efficient any more. These increased needs are now covered by security data lakes.

A data lake is a repository destined to store large amount of data. Most cases data lakes are unstructured in order to store different kind of data from various sources. A security data lake is a specialized data lake designed to store security related data, such as logs, results of technical assessment, risks, non-compliance issues, data form security procedures, data from external sources etc.

Data lakes bring together data from different sources and make it easily searchable, maximizing discovery, analytics, and reporting capabilities for end-users.

At a glance:

  • Structured and unstructured data form various sources can be easily stored
  • Choose where your data are stored
  • Speed up searching and processing
  • Increase analytics and reporting capabilities

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Security Data Lake Datasheet.