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Real time risk management


Designed as a platform to address different disciplines, security and organizational models, SWORDFISH does not aim to replace or compete with any existing product or technology; but rather it aims to integrate and centralize under a new holistic approach.
Applying a horizontal enterprise-wide versus a vertical and typically technical security model SWORDFISH Technology can improve operational security in the following domains:

  •  Cyber Intelligence. By controlling and monitoring not only technology related aspects but also (human factor) procedures SWORDFISH integrates people, process and technology and delivers 3D (three dimension) security as the substance of next generation Cyber Security. Automating procedures and integrating workflows unveils a unique potential for enterprise security, in terms of recording and monitoring previously invisible fragments of the security workflow. SWORDFISH process automation creates invaluable security related data and records we were never able to use before, which can now feed correlation engines and produce advanced intelligence and complete three dimensional enhanced security vision; Correlation of physical security with Cyber Security events, further, enable effective identification of asymmetric security attack patterns that combine property violation, bypassed procedures, fraud and computer security.
  • Automation. SWORDFISH Technology enables organizations to consolidate information, orchestrate and streamline security activities across the Enterprise in order to reduce overheads, improve client operational security and rationalize security investments. With embedded content and a vast number of applications and connectors SWORDFISH enables organizations to dynamically manage their security framework, enforce management, operational and technology security controls, assess compliance with regulations, policies and standards, and analyze information risks in real time – all under a single interface carefully designed for ease of use, easily customizable to fulfill different organization views and roles.
  • Real Time Risk Management. By using SWORDFISH organizations can now integrate real time intelligence from external and internal sources and feed algorithms with real time data. Leveraging SWORDFISH organizations can now adopt dynamic security models that can identify and prevent foreseen cyber security threats as well as provide the ground for effective response and containment. Risks can be measured, controlled, avoided or accepted. In real time.
  • Centralization. SWORDFISH functions as the Single Security Gateway for Operational Security. One through which everyone and everything can be managed, measured and monitored. Organizations can leverage SWORDFISH platform to design, implement, enforce and monitor operational security through a unified horizontal organizational workflow comprising vertical and horizontal security processes that are activated, sustained, or interrupted based on information provided from people, (other) processes and technology (systems).

At a glance:

  • Document your Information Security Framework in a robust, secure and easy to use online environment
  • Establish and implement an Enterprise Information Security Program
  • Enforce your Information Security Framework through a powerful workflow engine
  • Measure efficiency and effectiveness of security controls
  • Assess information and operational risks in real time
  • Assess, Manage and Demonstrate compliance
  • Manage and track security assessments for your Vendors and your organization as well
  • Assess exposure and rationalize your investments
  • Plan mitigation actions and track remediation roadmaps regarding compliance gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Assign security tasks to appropriate personnel, and automatically keep track of individual actions
  • Develop Dashboards and create Reports tailored to your regulators and senior management needs.

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