OBRELA-CSIRT: Minimize operational risk and control the impact resulting from incidents.

The efficiency and speed with which you are able to respond to an incident is critical for avoiding catastrophic losses in direct and indirect costs associated with a breach. OBRELA-CSIRT takes an intelligence-led, teamwork-driven approach to investigations, combining incident management and remediation guidance with real-time monitoring of your organization’s networks to covers all aspects of incident response, including detection, analysis, containment, recovery and reporting along with recommendations to prevent future incidents from happening.


Faster response

Combination of enterprise incident response methodology backed by threat intelligence to accelerate the containment and eradication of threats.

Tailored approach

OBRELA-CSIRT partners with your team to develop a response plan and remediation actions that takes into consideration your operational needs as well as your existing investments and resources. This ensures an in-depth investigation and allows the team to develop a highly customized remediation action plan that balances the business and security needs of your company.

Actionable threat intelligence

Enhanced responsive services backed by the analysis of the latest malware campaigns and up-to-date and threat indicators on emerging threats.

Greater visibility

Gain in-depth understanding of the attack with enhanced detection capacities when combined with Managed Detection Services to minimize risk and future incidents from happening again.

Key Features

The activities covers detection, response and recovery of security incidents that may occur. This may include technical assistance in any of the following fields:

Incident Triage

  • Investigating whether an incident is authentic, assessing and prioritizing the incident
  • Determining the gravity of the incident

Incident Coordination

  • Determining the initial cause of the incident (e.g. phishing emails, weaponized documents, vulnerability exploit, etc.)
  • Sharing threat intelligence to enhance perimeter and ensure readiness
  • Collecting evidence where criminal prosecution or fraud is suspected

Incident Resolution

  • Containing the incident to avoid greater impact
  • Assisting in recovery efforts by providing advisory on mitigation actions
  • Collecting evidence about incidents that could be used for protecting against future attacks
  • Evaluating whether mitigation actions are likely to reap results in proportion to their cost and risk

Obrela Security Industries – RFC-2350 statement

The document describes the operation of OBRELA-CSIRT, formally known as Obrela Security Industries CSIRT, according to RFC-2350. It provides basic information about the team, its channels of communication, its’ roles and responsibilities.

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