Obrela provides real-time, risk-aligned cybersecurity that covers it all.
No matter the threats that may loom over our customers, we provide an umbrella of security that protects every person, every thing, and every goal their business has.
We focus on risk over threats to bring a business perspective to cyber defense and make security scalable, no matter how much your business grows.
At Obrela, we do more than create better cybersecurity. We create cyber resilience to defend every person, asset and goal your business has.

Obrela. Security Over Everything.


Obrela delivers real-time, risk-aligned cybersecurity that provides an umbrella of defense over every aspect of your business.

We focus on risk over threats to bring a business perspective to cyber defense to make security scalable, no matter how much your business grows. 

With SWORDFISH®, a risk management and managed threat detection and response platform, we deliver predictability over uncertainty, allowing you to orchestrate and control all aspects of cybersecurity.  By centralizing security data, we deliver visibility over your entire digital universe. 

At Obrela, we do more than create better cybersecurity. We create cyber resilience to defend every person, asset and goal your business has. Obrela. Security Over Everything


  • SWORDFISH Platform

    An integrated cyber risk management platform that orchestrates controls in the diverse facets of cybersecurity operations and consolidates security related data under a single data lake enabling real time analytics and supporting informed decisions based on real time risk management.

  • Industry Expertise

    Obrela has vast experience across all industries delivering threat detection and response, penetration testing and governance thus managing a wide range of operational security needs within each organization to help them achieve security over everything.

  • Customer Relationships

    At Obrela, we do more than create better cybersecurity. We create cyber resilience to defend every person, asset and goal your business has. Obrela. Security Over Everything

  • Accreditations

    The accreditations and accolades received over time stand as testament to our goal and aspiration delivering a competitive service offering.

  • Obrela in Gartner

    Obrela, has been recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide, again. This is a prestigious report incorporating industry’s major Cyber Security providers offering MDR services.


Obrela delivers real time, risk aligned cybersecurity that protects every aspect of your business no matter how much it grows or how complex it gets. Obrela. Security Over Everything.

  • Manage Risks Not Only Threats

    Empowered by our SWORDFISH© Platform we remove complexity, and we provide instant visibility and situational awareness focusing on operational risks and outcomes that directly impact client’s business objectives

  • Security Over Everything

    From the center of your enterprise to the farthest endpoints, expansion is inevitable in your digital universe. We deliver risk-aware operational security that provides visibility across every point in your ever-expanding digital universe.

  • Predict Don’t Just Detect

    With a centralized view that spans your business and its risks, we prioritize the most important issues in real -time, so you make focused decisions and work with predictability in the face of uncertainty.

  • Cyber Security As A Service Model

    Cyber Security as a Service; a model which relieves customers from technology risks, lengthy on-boarding and excessive upfront investments. Based on a SECaaS model we give our clients a unique service-led experience based on outcomes with predictable pricing and no hidden costs

Industry Overview
Cyber management that covers IT and OT

Never before has it been more imperative for the organization in the manufacturing domain to address their cyber security operations. An integrated cyber management that covers the areas of enterprise (IT and OT) to identify, predict and respond to cyberattacks is needed.

    Industry Overview
    Assess the risk of digital controls

    The maritime sector is developing and becoming one of the industries with the highest rate in cyber attacks according to Obrela’s data for H1 2023. Obrela has a vast experience in supporting and delivering reliable services to protect the vessels at sea and across operations.

      Industry Overview
      Keep customer-sensitive data and the organization safe

      Obrela has wide experience in delivering cybersecurity services in the finance and Banking as well as the insurance industry. The objective is to not only keep customer-sensitive data safe but to also protect the organizations from any cyber threats. It is without a doubt that the most hit and threatened industry in terms of cyber security is Banking and Finance. When it comes to cyber risk, Financial institutions need to invest heavily in their technology and processes.

        Industry Overview
        Protect from the rising cost of cyber-attacks

        Energy and Utilities providers face persistent cyber threats from terrorists, agents of industrial espionage, and malicious insiders, as well as inadvertent compromises due to user error. Having the right security controls in place can greatly reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack.

          Industry Overview
          A prime market for attacks

          The rise in healthcare services has led to a high attention of cyberattacks that can create issues in the organization in the sector. For this purpose sophisticated services are available to support the need to protect the entity.

            Industry Overview
            Making business sage across all entities

            The sector has been greatly affected by cyber attacks. Obrela has extensive experience in the industry to offer specific solutions to safeguard their operation whilst also protecting their clients.

              Industry Overview
              24×7 threat detection across the heterogeneous environments

              Oil & Gas companies are becoming really susceptible to cyber-attacks and given the rise in different energy products is becoming more needed than ever to deploy and improve security posture.

                Industry Overview
                Retail companies needs to better manage the growing cyber threats

                Retail companies are increasingly adopting technologies like cloud computing, mobility, BYOD, and social media to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. It is crucial to assess, manage, operate, and monitor these disparate systems to ensure their safety and security.

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