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We manage cyber exposure, risks and compliance.
We identify, predict and prevent cyber threats.
We use security analytics and sophisticated risk
and threat management technology to dynamically
protect our clients by identifying, analyzing,
predicting and preventing cyber threats.
In real time.

TB Logs Collected
Billion, High Criticality events processed
Billion, Cyber attacks detected
Devices monitored
10’ 15”
Average response time
*During 2020

Since our establishment, we’ve set out to transform the way organizations perceive and buy cyber security. Today, we provide the most advanced, comprehensive real time cyber risk management and early warning services.


We deliver what we define as Cyber Risk Management as a Service, a comprehensive 360 security program powered by our unique, purpose-built Cyber Risk Management Platform, Swordfish, which integrates in real time, threat detection with detailed risk management and also enables complete vulnerability management.


With engagements that include financial institutions, telecommunications, critical infrastructure and on-line service providers, Obrela Security Industries collects and analyses structured and unstructured data, generating valuable intelligence for new, emerging and advanced security threats giving its customers a unique advantage in predictability, preparation and response.

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George Patsis, Chief Executive Officer, President

George Patsis is a highly accomplished expert in information security with a proven track record in developing and implementing large-scale security programs for major Global 500 Corporations. As an Entrepreneur he holds a passion for identifying market opportunities and building brands. He pioneers and leads the design and development of innovative services and products in the area of strategic security intelligence and risk management.

He has studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University College of London and holds a MSc in Information Security Management from the Royal Holloway University of London.

George Daglas, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President

George Daglas has a 20 years professional experience in the domains of CyberSecurity Operations Management and Governance and has been leading a multitude of large scale multidisciplinary CyberSecurity projects in Europe and the Middle East.

Having worked with multinational organizations in the Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Consumer and other sectors, George is continuously pursuing new challenges in developing new business models and identifying innovative service offerings.

Academically he holds a BSc in Business Administration and an MBA in IT and Telecommunications Management.

Dimitris Strevinas, Chief Technology Officer

Dimitris Strevinas has acquired strong experience in the Information Security industry, leading the implementation and operations on large-scale security event management and analytics projects in diverse corporate environments. He has developed strong organizational and client-focused management skills by assembling, staffing and operating Security Intelligence & Operations Centers and coordinating Incident Response teams across multiple client engagements.

Academically he holds a MSc in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Crete. His research interests include SIEM integrations, security intelligence, data analytics and evaluation of latest developments in the security industry.

Andreas Walbrodt, Chief Commercial Officer

Andreas Walbrodt is a senior sales leader based in Germany. He has spent more than three decades leveraging technology and innovation to enable forward-looking and creative business models for clients in multiple markets and industries from global Fortune 100 companies through national and regional SMBs to public entities. Andreas has been building business models for cloud and utility services from the early years of the millennium onwards, driving client and business transformation towards service lead models. In recent years, his focus has been solely on bringing cyber security and protection into more and more distributed data and processes. Andreas has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Dimitris Hatzis, Chief Financial Officer

Dimitris has over 15 years of experience as a Finance Professional with a broad experience in different industries and multinational environments. He has led Finance divisions in Telecom, Media and FMCG companies with a focus on financial planning and controlling, and has taken part in a series of financial transactions (sales, mergers, acquisitions) throughout his career.

Academically he holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the American College of Greece and a BSc in Biology from the University of Athens.

AbdulKarim Abughali, VP Sales & Operations, MEA

Karim is an entrepreneur and highly accomplished expert in the IT and IT Security. Karim has more than 20 years of solid experience in managing large scale systems integration companies, Sales and marketing, business development and large scale PMOs setup with track record in the Middle East, Africa and Canada market in senior positions for Multinational Companies and Systems Integrators like Siemens, Juniper Networks, MIS and Splunk.

Karim holds a bachelor’s degree in computer Engineering from the University of Jordan and MBA in the International Business from the American University of London.


Dr. George Papamargaritis, MSS Operations Director

Dr George Papamargaritis has twenty three years of professional experience in Enterprise Application Development, Technical Consultancy & Delivery of ICT Services, Information Security Management, leading a multitude of projects in UK, Greece, European Union and Middle East.

His professional experience includes serving as Senior Researcher (British Telecom), Senior Software Solutions Consultant, Chief Information Officer and extends into IT Solutions Design & Service Delivery, Security Information & Event Management, Research and Development, Presales and bidding processes.

Academically he holds a PhD in Computation from University of Manchester, an MSc in Human -Computer Interaction from University of London (QMW) and a BSc in Informatics (AUEB). He holds several certifications including ISO/IEC 27001.

Athanasios Nikologiannis, Obrela Labs Director

Athanasios has more than 7 years experience in the field of Information Security working exclusively as a Penetration Tester. His main interest is in Information Security, Research and Exploitation, Red Teaming Engagements, Systems and Network Penetration testing.

His official scientific education is at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Crete. His academic career provided him with a background on Unix and Linux systems, numerical computing and programming. His main focus includes Operating Systems’ Internals, Operating Systems’ Virtualization, Systems Security, Network Security and Open Source Software.

Athanasios Nikologiannis has participated in multiple complex and demanding projects regarding: System and Network penetration testing, Web application penetration testing, Social Engineering, Vulnerability Assessment, Digital forensics, System and Network Security hardening and Vulnerabilities mitigation.