Obrela uses SWORDFISH® for MDR to deliver comprehensive MDR services to its clients. This powerful solution acts as a central provisioning layer that enables the efficient coordination of security operations and service delivery to address various security requirements. Empowered by its embedded SOAR capabilities, SWORDFISH® transcends traditional boundaries and evolves into a unified Cyber Operations and Service Provisioning Fabric. By acting as a centralized hub, SWORDFISH® empowers organizations to navigate the complex security landscape effortlessly. It simplifies service consumption, ensuring seamless accessibility to vital security resources, enabling organizations to optimize their security operations with real-time insights and intelligent decision-making.

Because Unpredictable

Doesn’t Have to Mean Uncertain

Orchestrate and streamline security operational activities across the organisation in order to reduce overhead, improve and optimise operational security controls, as well as provide the ground for effective response and containment.


  • CyberOps

    Acts as a security operating system for clients, providing continuous visibility into the service delivery and performance. It enables efficient collaboration and information exchange, allowing security events tracking and their resolution.

  • SRM | Service Request Management

    Αllows clients service requests (cases) creation and streamlines the communication supporting transparency and accountability to the end client.

  • EMC | Exposure Management Console

    Provides a flexible and personalized interface, enabling users to monitor and visualize report statistics, criticality, and resolution status based on their defined parameters.

  • SOCStreams

    Engineered as a cloud native open XDR/SOAR cockpit, it allows for streamlined security incident response and automation of repetitive tasks, with expert-created playbooks tailored to clients’ risk tolerance and rules of engagement.


Using SWORDFISH® with embedded content and functionality allows for

With SWORDFISH© Technology, real-time threat detection can be integrated with security orchestration and risk management, enabling prioritization of detected threats based on a customer-focused and risk-based context.

SWORDFISH SOCStreams Technology offers the ability to automate and orchestrate operational security and incident response actions using expert-created playbooks tailored to clients’ risk tolerance and rules of engagement, resulting in highly accurate outcomes and data for precise reporting.

SWORDFISH workflows can also be triggered automatically when a number of conditions are met.

SWORDFISH integrates people, processes, and technology, providing 3D (three-dimensional) security as the foundation of next-generation cybersecurity by controlling and monitoring not only technology-related aspects but also procedures that involve the human factor, enhancing situational awareness for clients and bolstering their operational resilience.

SWORDFISH acts as a unified Operations and Service Provisioning Fabric, delivering SOAR capabilities and provisioning layers that simplify service consumption, performance evaluation, and participation in critical mission activities for clients and stakeholders.


  • Unlock newfound productivity, streamline operations and align with their risk appetite and operational goals.
  • Streamline security incident response and automation of repetitive tasks, with expert-created playbooks tailored to clients' risk tolerance and rules of engagement.
  • Enhance operational efficiency, accelerate incident resolution, and stay one step ahead of adversaries
  • Effectively manage all communication and activities related to services for both customers and users including reporting, service requests, and SLA/OLA
  • Leverage a user-friendly interface featuring dynamic dashboards and searchable views.


Security incident response transcends manual effort. Repetitive tasks that once consumed valuable time and resources are now automated, liberating security teams to focus on critical matters. The result is enhanced operational efficiency, accelerated incident resolution, and the ability to stay one step ahead of adversaries.

With SWORDFISH® for MDR, we deliver predictability over uncertainty, allowing you to orchestrate and control all aspects of cybersecurity. By centralizing security data, we deliver visibility over your entire digital universe.

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    Our MDR Technology Stack goal is to enhance visibility, detection capabilities, and incident response efficiency by bringing together diverse security technologies into a unified ecosystem and it is engineered to improve and streamline threat detection, response, and remediation across multiple security tools and platforms. It aims to provide a centralized and integrated view of security events and incidents and improve efficiency and effectiveness of cybersecurity operations


    MDR technology Stack Implemented based on the principles of Open XDR architecture philosophy it consists of the following:

    • The Data Collection Layer ensures Complete Digital Universe Visibility
    • The Data Analytics Layer, powered by Obrela proprietary HardCore© content that drives cybersecurity analyses and threat hunting.
    • The Provisioning And Orchestration Layer for MDR operations
    • The Open XDR Databus connects all systems and data flows together towards the comprehensive and holistic MDR security stack


MDR/XDR Stack Unification, Scaling & Provisioning

The technology uses modern techniques such as telemetry and APIs to exchange data and instructions over the digital universe, independently of the underlying technology stack and logical layers such as cloud, data centers, and digital assets.

By seamlessly fusing data from the Obrela or Customer owned extended technology stack and leveraging telemetry-based data collection, the Open XDR Data Bus generates actionable intelligence for new, emerging, and advanced security threats, giving clients a unique advantage in predictability, preparation, and response.

Open XDR Databus allows for interoperability and integration with various XDR technology components and technologies. It supports standard protocols and APIs, enabling to connect new security tools or replace existing ones as needed.



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