MRC (Managed Risk and Controls) services harness the fusion of advanced technology, expert knowledge, and proprietary process IP to offer organizations a comprehensive suite of capabilities to effectively identify, manage, and mitigate cyber risks. By leveraging these services, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance practices, enabling proactive and efficient cyber risk management.


Businesses are always evolving. From changing employees to changing technology. From cloud to data center. From the center of your enterprise to the farthest endpoints, expansion is inevitable in your digital universe. But gaps in your security don’t have to be. At Obrela, we deliver risk-aware operational security that provides visibility across every point in your ever-expanding organization.

Our Swordfish platform consolidates all security data and turns data into actionable intelligence, meaning threats can’t hide just because your business grows.

  • The SWORDFISH® real-time, risk management platform centralizes data across your enterprise.
  • We help identify risks posed by threats, then translate risks into business terms, so customers better understand what’s at stake.
  • The biggest threat is not knowing the risk.

    Our MRC service offers comprehensive support to client organizations, enabling them to orchestrate and streamline security operational activities throughout the organization.

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    Content management services for MRC are designed to help organizations create, organize, store, and maintain various types of content that are critical to their GRC activities within the organization.

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    Risk Monitoring and Hunting services combine knowledge, intuition, and automation to proactively search for signs of potential risks before they can cause significant harm to the client’s business operations.

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    The platform engineering and support team encompasses all preventive maintenance and operations-driven technical tasks related to the SaaS platform and the customers’ CPE and integrations with their systems.

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    Customer Success Services ensures customers go beyond successful implementation to achieve their business objectives. Customer Success Services facilitates collaboration with experts across the service delivery and guides customers through a structured success program.

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By focusing on risk over threats, we bring business perspective to cyber defense to make security scalable. With our Swordfish platform, we provide predictability over uncertainty and visibility over your digital universe. Obrela. Security Over Everything.