Obrela releases news, insights, blogs, advisories and marketing information to inform the clients and the market of any new trends and insights. In this section you can find the reports we have been included in, the white papers we release, advisory services and Labs papers as well as blogs we publish to help you stay informed.

Obrela in the 2024 Gartner® Market Guide For MDR, again
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  • BLOG

    Actionable information, tips, and updates. Industry experts provide valuable insight and practical advice so that you can stay current on the latest cyber security issues.

  • NEWS

    Stay informed with Obrela’s latest news. In this section you can read more about the company’s activities, achievements, press releases and important announcements.


    Get access to our solutions learning more about our products and services as well as other key content, designed to provide valuable information about our range of offerings.


    Learn more about a more detailed view of our offering. Obrela’s Datasheets are a resource for those seeking in-depth information about our products’ and services’ capabilities. 


    The Obrela Labs team examines recent attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Articles are presented and enriched with research material and insights to provide valuable information about the market.


    Your trusted source for any unknown and potential treats. Expert insights, strategic guidance, and cyber security advisory tips to navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape with valuable recommended actions to take.


    Watch a series of videos including company overview, public interviews and speeches and other options that showcase Obrela’s distinctive expertise and knowledge in the cybersecurity market.


    Dive into cybersecurity expertise and market knowledge, as well as latest trends and insights across various industries. Learn more about threats near you!


    Obrela has a wide experience across various industries deploying cybersecurity solutions. In this section there is a portion of the experience and implementation we have completed protecting our client names. Access the files and learn more

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