Cyber Risk Management Module enables visibility into an organization’s overall information security risk. It achieves this by automating the identification, analysis, evaluation, and threat modeling of assets, including their exposure, criticality, and impact. By streamlining risk assessments and management, SWORDFISH® helps accelerate the identification of risks, correlate them with internal security controls, and ultimately improve risk mitigation strategies.


    SWORDFISH® Cyber Risk Management Module supports decision-making by enabling management to identify, analyze, and respond appropriately to risks that could adversely affect business objectives. With embedded asset decomposition functionality, SWORDFISH can break down assets into cloud, network, or system elements, creating a relative risk matrix that can interconnect with modern MDR systems. This enables organizations to respond to risks on a real-time basis as soon as they occur. The platform provides real-time risk views of an organization by evaluating asset criticality and asset exposure. It also assesses the security controls in place based on the Compliance Management Module and integrates with threats (MDR) to provide a complete view of the organization’s security posture.


  • Risk Assessment

    Identify and record information security risks with significant impact.

    Raise risks related to non-compliance issues and critical system vulnerabilities.

    Execute risk assessments to run horizontally, or narrow scope based on certain requirements.

    Using an advanced algorithm based on the ISO/IEC 27005 that brings together assets, threats and exposure, we measure risk in real-time

    A predefined risk evaluation model can be used or can be tailored to business needs and risk management policy.

  • Risk Management

    Organize and plan mitigation actions for each risk that has been identified.

    Follow up mitigation actions and enforce deadlines for each working package.

    Mitigating actions are defined and assigned per risk element together with responsible(s), schedules and implementation effort.

    Streamlines the full risk lifecycle in terms of identification, evaluation, and mitigation.

    Risks can be managed and addressed based on tailored risk levels that incur actions based on the potential impact and exposure.

  • Risk Register

    Define organization’s risk acceptance level and treat risks in accordance with the overall risk tolerance and follow Risk Acceptance process, where necessary.


    Standard reporting for risk assessment exists including a standard set of dashboards to address corporate risk management views and maximum value to the board.

    Reports can be customized. Users can zoom in and out in order to view risks at global, regional, and even departmental level and uncover important KPIs to support decision making.



    With SWORDFISH®, a risk management and managed threat detection and response platform, we deliver predictability over uncertainty, allowing you to orchestrate and control all aspects of cybersecurity. By centralizing security data, we deliver visibility over your entire digital universe.

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