At Obrela we maintain a performance oriented and innovation culture. By nurturing leadership and accountability and abiding by strict ethical standards, we help our people deliver excellence  to our customers, and our partners. We support each other and our community to become better and reach their full potential. We value professionals with robust skills and competencies who exercise common sense and business acumen and contribute to the bottom line. We grow with our people as they develop and strive for continuous improvement.


Our values are embedded within our fabric of our existence, make us who we are and operate as our guiding principles.

  • We Promote Hard Work And Passion For What We Do

    We believe that hard work works, that freedom matters and that great achievements come with perseverance and passion

  • We nourish individual talent and collaboration and provide growth leadership

    We recognize that the company’s success depends on our people and value openness, collaboration, leadership, positive morale, diverse ideas, and a shared vision.

  • We create an environment for job fulfillment and enrichment

    We do what we like most. From our physical space to our sense of humor, we share a work-hard, enjoy-it-to-the-max attitude. We want our people to work at what they like most. We constantly try to tap to and enhance their skills and their capabilities and match them with their interests and entertainment

  • We cultivate intrapreneurship and innovation

    We encourage our people to be intrapreneurial. We believe that to disrupt you need to innovate at all levels. We welcome and push change and challenge the status quo. Often, this requires us to challenge each other, our approach and ourselves.

  • We operate with the strictest code of ethics and integrity

    We operate under the strictest code of ethics and integrity. We keep our word and operate within a strict moral code. We define realistic expectations with each other and with our clients, partners and shareholders; and we deliver to those expectations.

  • We exercise sound judgment and discretion

    We act with sound judgment, maturity, and strong discretion. We decide based on a) company’s best of interests and b) using common sense. Always.


We seek Excellence. We perform with a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations, to add value for all of our stakeholders. We are committed to providing demonstrably superior services with the highest levels of quality, excellence and timeliness. It requires courage, persistence, and efficiency. We learn and we care. We help each other to be Great. 



    At Obrela, innovation, collaboration, and personal growth are at the forefront. We’re committed to maintaining talented professionals who are passionate to reach for new heights, eager to learn and expand, and together we drive our vision forward.


    Our commitment to excellence and passion for innovation are embedded in our culture. We are a team of highly skilled experts dedicated to dynamically protect our clients by identifying, analyzing, predicting and preventing cyber threats in real time.


    Obrela is a dynamically growing cyber security company that expands across 20+ countries. We actively encourage intrapreneurship, we welcome change and new ideas and support groundbreaking approaches that make us unique.


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