Obrela’s SWORDFISH® platform provides organizations with a centralized and real-time view of their security, compliance, privacy, and business risks. The platform consists of various modules that can cover different aspects of security, privacy, and risk, and enable data and workflow fusion for a comprehensive risk management approach. The cloud-native platform can be attuned to the versatile and dynamically changing needs of enterprises as a integrated cyber risk management platform that orchestrates controls in the diverse facets of cybersecurity operations, and consolidates security related data under a single data lake enabling real time analytics and supporting informed decisions based on real time risk management.


  • Privacy Management

    Provides a contextual knowledge base, available along all the steps of a comprehensive Personal Data Protection Program.

  • Policy Management

    Aims to operationalize and automate the management of Information Security Framework documents throughout their whole life cycle.

  • Compliance Management

    Operationalizes and automates efforts for achieving compliance excellence from establishing the compliance frameworks to demonstrating the level of compliance in real time.

  • Supply Chain Security

    Automates the processes for managing the risk imposed by their third parties mainly attributed to the latter’s partial or poor application of appropriate security measures and controls.

  • Exposure Management

    Provides a centralized environment optimized for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment activity projects. achieves automation within a single solution.

  • Cyber Risk Management

    Enable visibility into an organization’s overall information security risk, by automating the identification, analysis, evaluation, and threat modeling of assets.

  • Incident Management

    Provide the automation of handling cyber security incidents, to minimize damage and/or exposure resulting from a security breach.

  • Cyber Resilience Management

    Facilitates the preparation and management of disruptions in IT systems or business processes

  • Digital Universe Management

    Provides for  a common layer of business concepts and data across all SWORDFISH® applications

  • Risk Analytics

    Enables clients to conduct advanced security analytics and modeling to proactively identify, quantify, and mitigate risks

  • Service Management

    Provides a unified repository for easy access and management, being a centralized platform for all types of service requests.


SWORDFISH® Risk Management capabilities combine both Threat Detection and Response (MDR) and the Managed Risk and Controls (MRC) services to resolve technology fragmentation and process disconnects, while incorporating the business perspective into the decision-making process.

SWORDFISH integrates people, processes, and technology, providing 3D (three-dimensional) security as the foundation of next-generation cybersecurity by controlling and monitoring not only technology-related aspects but also procedures that involve the human factor, enhancing situational awareness for clients and bolstering their operational resilience.

The process automation powered by SWORDFISH generates security-related data and records that were previously inaccessible. This data can now be utilized to feed risk analytics engines, resulting in advanced intelligence and a comprehensive, three-dimensional view of enhanced security.

SWORDFISH harnesses the power of its Graph Database to offer robust risk analytics and visualization tools that can turn raw data into actionable insights. By correlating seemingly unrelated data feeds under common or individualistic business-wise approaches, SWORDFISH helps organizations gain valuable insights into their operations.

With SWORDFISH, security, business, and behavioral analytics and risk models can be leveraged to measure the efficiency of controls, assess risks, and identify emerging and advanced cyber threat patterns. The solution also enables users to create different types of dynamic or multi-layered animated graphs, consuming regular or big datasets, without compromising overall system performance. This empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of potential risks or threats.

SWORDFISH employs an underlying dynamic ontology schema that can be useful for easily harmonizing data and creating linked and contextualized content that depicts interrelationships between data entities, enabling deeper meaning, insight, and action. Ontology creation allows for significant time savings on harmonizing, linking, contextualizing, and preparing data and making it easy for users to conduct self-serve discovery, analytics, and data utilizations.

SWORDFISH provides near real-time reporting and measurement of compliance, with centralized repositories that cover deviations from over 20 regulatory and widely accepted frameworks. You can track compliance status, summarize assessment results, and plan remediation through tailored workflows and centralized case management, all from one place. Historical benchmarking data is also available to help you track your compliance progress over time.


  • Potential risks are analyzed and prioritized according to their potential impact on the organization
  • Allows for more effective and efficient allocation of resources to mitigate risks
  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your security posture and prioritize resources to mitigate actual risks, rather than simply reacting to threats after they occur

How Risk

Becomes Reward

The Swordfish real-time, risk management platform centralizes data across your enterprise to bring business perspective to every cybersecurity decision.


    Swordfish technology enables real-time fusion of threat-related data with workflow data from governance, risk, compliance and operations security activities, allowing for identification and assessment of actual risks, not just threats, in a customer-focused and risk-based context. This integrated approach ensures that potential risks are analyzed and prioritized according to their potential impact on the organization, and allows for more effective and efficient allocation of resources to mitigate risks. By utilizing Swordfish technology, organizations can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their security posture and prioritize their resources to mitigate actual risks, rather than simply reacting to threats after they occur.


    SWORDFISH for MRC further, serves as a central layer for MRC provisioning, offering with the necessary content, applications, and tools for designing and coordinating operations and service delivery to address various security requirements, such as governance, compliance and risk management, privacy management, vulnerability management and supply chain security. It also provides a uniform customer interface to service outcomes enhanced with risk analytics and visualizations.


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