MRC for Cyber Resilience brings forth a powerful solution, leveraging the SWORDFISH® Cyber Resilience Management module, to empower clients with a comprehensive and proactive approach in managing cyber resilience and business continuity risks. The service encompasses continuous review, business impact analysis, recovery strategies, and plans to ensure organizations are well-prepared to respond to potential disruptions.


    At the core of the service lies a thorough and continuous business impact analysis. The expert team collaborates closely with clients to understand your critical business processes, applications, and data. By evaluating the potential consequences of cyber incidents, you are provided with a comprehensive view of your organization’s exposure to business continuity risks.


    Cyber threats can strike at any time, making proactive defense essential for business continuity. MRC for Cyber Resilience ensures clients stay ahead of potential disruptions by continuously reviewing and refining their recovery strategies and plans. With this approach, clients can swiftly respond to cyber incidents and minimize downtime, safeguarding their organization’s reputation and operations.


    Business continuity is an ongoing journey, and the service is designed to provide clients with continuous support in maintaining the security and resilience of their critical business processes over time. The team remains vigilant, helping clients adapt to emerging cyber threats and ensuring their organization is always well-prepared to handle any challenges that may arise.


    MRC for Cyber Resilience service understands that each organization has its unique set of business continuity challenges. The service is flexible and tailored to suit specific requirements, whether clients are small businesses or large enterprises, ensuring effective addressing of their needs.


    MRC for Cyber Resilience service acts as a strategic shield for business continuity. With comprehensive analysis, proactive defense, ongoing support, and tailored solutions, clients can fortify their organization’s cyber resilience and ensure the continuity of their critical business processes.


    Elevate your cyber resilience with MRC for Cyber Resilience service – Your trusted partner in safeguarding your organization’s continuity and protecting your reputation. With MRC’s proactive approach and comprehensive services, clients can confidently navigate potential cyber threats and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of their critical business operations.


  • Privacy Management Services are a set of services designed to help organizations effectively manage their privacy and data protection obligations. These services are tailored to meet the needs of each organization and are aimed at ensuring compliance with relevant privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    All MRC products support dedicated to the service content management, orchestration and risk monitoring.

  • Policy Management service leverages the SWORDFISH® Policy Management module to provide robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) review and development capabilities.

    All MRC products support dedicated to the service content management, orchestration and risk monitoring. Visit pages for more.

  • Compliance Management Services leverage the SWORDFISH® Compliance Management module to provide services for assessing current compliance status with selected frameworks and assisting with implications and remediation actions.

    [Collect/ Review] information, analyze and evaluate the security processes and practices, currently followed to assess the current compliance status with the selected compliance framework as well as in order to assist with the implications and remediation actions.

    All MRC products support dedicated to the service content management, orchestration and risk monitoring. Visit pages for more.

  • Supply chain security services leverage the SWORDFISH® Supply Chain Management module to collect, analyze, and evaluate information on the security processes and practices currently in place. This helps assess the current level of compliance with selected contractual requirements and identify areas that require remediation actions. Supply chain security services leverage the SWORDFISH® portal to exchange information with the relevant parties (vendors) and to arrange logistics during the assessment, analyzing the currently enforced security processes and practices against audit requirements, mapping the current level of security to identify gaps, and corrective actions based on significant findings.

    All MRC products support dedicated to the service content management, orchestration and risk monitoring. Visit pages for more.

  • Exposure Management as a service offering leverages SWORDFISH®’s capabilities to manage vulnerabilities and protect against potential threats. Our services provide a comprehensive approach to vulnerability management, including the identification, assessment, prioritization, and remediation of potential security weaknesses. Our expert team works closely with clients to identify vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate and remediate risks.

    With our Exposure Management flexible and scalable services, clients can gain a better understanding of their security posture and reduce the risk of potential security incidents.

    All MRC products support dedicated to the service content management, orchestration and risk monitoring. Visit pages for more.

  • Cyber Risk Management service is a comprehensive and proactive solution that leverages the SWORDFISH® Risk Management module to support clients in identifying, evaluating, and managing their cyber risks.

    By continuously assessing and analyzing the identified risks, clients gain ongoing visibility into their cyber risk posture and are able to address new and emerging threats effectively. This service enables clients to prioritize and treat identified risks while ensuring the security of their critical assets is maintained over time.

    All MRC products support dedicated to the service content management, orchestration and risk monitoring. Visit pages for more.


MRC services harness the fusion of advanced technology, expert knowledge, and proprietary process IP to offer organizations a comprehensive suite of capabilities to effectively identify, manage, and mitigate cyber risks. By leveraging these services, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance practices, enabling proactive and efficient cyber risk management.

Managed Risk & Controls


As an Obrela service capability on top of the SWORDFISH® Platform, content management services for MRC are designed to help organizations create, organize, store, and maintain various types of content that are critical to their GRC activities within the organization.

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Obrela offers orchestration to comprehensive support client organizations, enabling them to streamline security operational activities throughout the organization. By doing so, overheads are reduced, operational security controls are optimized, and a strong foundation for effective enterprise security is provided.

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Risk Monitoring and Hunting  services combine knowledge, intuition, and automation to proactively search for signs of potential risks before they can cause significant harm to the client’s business operations. Leveraging SWORDFISH® Risk Management and analytics capabilities (Risk Analytics, Risk Management Module) that enable advanced monitoring capabilities, including machine learning algorithms, behavioral analysis, and real-time risk analytics.

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The platform engineering and support team encompasses all preventive maintenance and operations-driven technical tasks related to the SWORDFISH® platform and the customers’ CPE and integrations with their systems. The Customers reach the team via Swordfish SRM for technical requests.

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Obrela Customer Success Services ensures customers go beyond successful implementation to achieve their business objectives. Customer Success Services facilitates collaboration with experts across the service delivery and guides customers through a structured success program.

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    Turnkey threat detection and response service that helps our clients manage operational risk and significantly reduce the mean time to detect and respond to cyberattacks.

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    Obrela offers a suite of managed security services that are designed to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity posture. These services range from Managed NG Firewall, Managed WAF, Managed Database Protection and Audit Control, to Managed Identity Access, with a focus on comprehensive protection and scalability.

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    Obrela's portfolio includes a wide range of Advisory Services, led by a team of highly skilled and certified cybersecurity experts. These services are designed to enhance an organization's resilience to cyber threats, leveraging our global expertise and a strong focus on business objectives.

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