Customer Success Services ensures customers go beyond successful implementation to achieve their business objectives. Customer Success Services facilitates collaboration with experts across the service delivery and guides customers through a structured success program.


    Customer Success Services builds on Obrela MDR and MRC Services offering by harnessing the cross-functional expertise needed to drive successful outcomes.

    Leveraging a guided success planning methodology Obrela activates specific customer success playbooks to our customers to ensure they maximize the value from Obrela services.


The Customer Success Manager serves as prime owner of the customer engagements and facilitates internal coordination to ensure excellent service delivery.

Customer Success Services brings together a team of Obrela experts who understand customers’ business needs and goals to provide holistic support and guidance throughout the Obrela journey, from planning, onboarding, and adoption to successful long-term engagement.

Bringing together key customer stakeholders and Obrela cyber security experts, Customer Success Services builds a tailored success plan that maps how to achieve the customer’s business outcomes.

Customer Success Services guides customers toward achieving their goals by leveraging a complete governance framework and trusted success methodology rooted in industry best practices. Customer Success Managers monitor key milestones and metrics throughout the customer journey, ensuring customers are on track to meet their cloud goals. During service reviews, our team of experts reports on key metrics, providing clarity and confidence in decision-making, and creating opportunities to over-achieve business outcomes.

Through Customer Success Services, customers benefit from a trusted point of contact who knows their business and understands their use cases and goals. Obrela Customer Success Managers bring domain expertise, a trusted success methodology, and knowledge of the best practices that drive successful business outcomes.


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