ABS Group & Obrela at Posidonia

24 May 2022

a global operational risk management company, is a proud partner of Obrela Security Industries (Obrela), the leading security analytics and cyber risk management provider, to deliver unparalleled cybersecurity for industrial and maritime operations.

This partnership combines ABS Consulting’s deep domain expertise in Operational Technology (OT) security with Obrela’s cybersecurity control over increasing industrial cyber risks on land and at sea. The partnership allows organizations to monitor and manage both Informational Technology (IT) and OT in maritime and industrial cyber worldwide.

ABS Group’s experience in OT cyber risk for the maritime industry, coupled with Obrela’s powerful Vessel Threat detection respond and defend against sophisticated cybersecurity threats in real-time. Furthermore, Obrela’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) service significantly reduces the meantime to detect and respond to cyberattacks and can adapt to organizations of all sizes without any geographical limitations.

Vessel services

Obrela Security Industries has extensive experience dealing with nautical cybersecurity culminating in the proprietary Vessel Threat Management System (VTMS). VTMS is a specialized cybersecurity tool for the maritime sector built specifically for seafaring information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). With a centralized and self-contained passive network monitoring solution based on a virtual appliance, supporting log collection from vessel infrastructure, VTMS builds on Obrela’s tried and tested enterprise-class Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution with dedicated processes for maritime and shipping environments systems both on land and sea.

Obrela’s Vessel Monitoring Solution is designed to provide a comprehensive answer to the unique challenges of nautical vessels. With constant threat monitoring and ongoing optimization, VTMS comes with remote security incident support while providing threat eradication recommendations in IT and OT environments such as domain controllers, servers, endpoints, firewalls, IDS/IPS and routers.

Available through

The partnership between ABS Group and Obrela allows ABS Group clients to utilize Obrela’s vessel security expertise within their ecosystems. This can help to address many common challenges of nautical cybersecurity, such as:

  • Helping to understand and interpret cybersecurity data and guide cybersecurity teams and business leaders in creating ROI
  • Preventing nautical organizations from internal attacks, credential theft, lateral movement, and privilege escalation through both IT and OT ecosystems
  • Adapting to unique vessel complications such as GPS location and Limited Bandwidth

ABS Group and Obrela Security Industries present their recent webinar “Next level of Cyber Threat Detection” with exceptional hosts Dennis Hackney PhD, Senior Technical Advisor, Industrial Cybersecurity, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS); George Patsis, CEO, Obrela Security Industries and, Dimitris Strevinas, CTO, Obrela Security Industries. This webinar will teach you how to detect and respond to cyber-attacks targeting your vessels quickly and effectively using Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

Other topics covered include securing your core IT systems and critical network infrastructure, protecting your remote workforce, including management teams and IT administrators, Safeguard the Cloud with architecture-driven solutions, Implementing OT security for oil and gas operations, alternative energy plants and marine vessels, preserve your organization’s brand from cyber harm and how to manage risk (not only threats) through visibility, readiness, and resilience.

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