Protect Remote Workforce with Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

Protect Remote Workforce with Endpoint Threat Detection & Response: Organizations, more than ever before, accelerate their efforts to organize in such a way to enable remote work and provide remote digital capabilities for their workforce.

The new flexible working environment provides a lot of conveniences but also creates a lot of security challenges. This new way of working has become part of our lives, thus it requires that organizations must apply a new set of measures, such as endpoint threat detection and response, in order to respond effectively to the new threat environment.

Remote Workforce Protection MDREndpoints are at the heart of workforce productivity and have been the attack vector of choice to adversaries given the level of access they may grant as well as the data they may contain. Protecting the endpoints is essential in the context of remote working given the extended distributed workforce model which increases the level of exposure. The benefits of the increased mobility are threatened by challenges posed by unsecure networks, in which, the majority of traditional corporate security controls no longer apply. 

Our solution provides state of the art real-time continuous monitoring and active threat prevention combined with intelligence for enhanced visibility into endpoints security status, fast containment of successful compromises to prevent attacks propagation and data exfiltration as well as increased control in the security management of the endpoints.



The endpoint threat detection and response solution can assist organizations to:

  • Regain the security control of their endpoints
  • Automatically Prevent the majority of threats
  • Proactively 24x7x365 monitor and detect threats to the endpoints
  • Effectively respond to successful attacks
  • Reduce the impact of threats and exposure of data to adversaries by means of rapid containment and recovery
  • Reduce the Risk to the organization by reducing the possibilities of attack propagation to the corporate environment.
  • Provide, as part of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service offering, holistic visibility to threats across the extended IT landscape of an organization.


Key Features 

The solution leverages a wide range of techniques including behavioral, simulation, script analysis, memory scanning, network monitoring signatures and heuristics on the client to detect newer malware. Designed to provide a big advantage in reducing complexity and time to deploy, it offers a wide range of features:

  • Multi-layer security: Multi-layered prevention, detection and mitigation (built into the endpoint) from file-based malware, malicious scripts, memory-based attacks, and other advanced threats
  • Real-time Threat Analytics: SecOps visibility is enriched by contextual, real-time reports radically improving the threat impact perception.
  • Enhanced Threat and Vulnerability Management: Advanced prioritisation incorporating the business context as well as the dynamics of the threat landscape, providing content while real-time threat discoverability and built-in remediation process speed up vulnerability mitigation.
  • Built-in, elevated protection: Cutting-edge detection and protection capabilities offer real time security against broad scale and targeted attacks and at an enterprise scale.
  • Behavioral detections: Effective endpoint detection and response requires use of various data analytics techniques in order to provide contextual information, connect a chain of seemingly benign events and uncover suspicious behavior.
  • Rapid threat containment: Advance defense capabilities utilizing automated threat resolution enables swift threat containment while minimizing the business risk exposure.
  • Security Automation: Leverage AI-powered automation to remediate threats in minutes, speeding up the security processes by transforming alerts, to investigation and threat activity, even to determine the appropriate course of actions.
  • Easy deployment through an array of options . The solution works seamlessly across Windows, Linux and MacOS; On-Premise, cloud or hybrid  
  • Alert context associated with MITRE ATT&CK framework to assist in the understanding of the alert, the attack technique to trigger it and the actions to remediate it.
  • Security Orchestration enables our customers to search across their entire environment for malicious content and orchestrate actions based on playbooks, such as to block a hash, kill a process, or quarantine an affected endpoint.


Detect and Respond

As an integral part of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) the Remote Workforce Protection Solution combines advanced threat detection with incident response and remediation including 24×7 monitoring and proactive threat hunting when needed.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 EDR Alerts Monitoring
  • Incident Detection and Analysis
  • Threat Containment
  • Threat Eradication
  • Recovery
  • Post incident investigation
  • Remote SIRT until incident closure
  • EDR fine-tuning & improvement
  • Web interface to the end customer
  • Incident case management system


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