Real Time Risk Management

8 October 2015

Operational security requires a continuous process of awareness, preparedness and readiness. It is a highly demanding, cross-domain activity that requires effective communication and coordination between people that often have different knowledge and perspective for information security within the organization.
It is neither a fixed cost nor a fixed duration project; rather an on-going business program with strategy, plans, objectives and stakeholders.

Designed as a platform to address different disciplines, security and organizational models, SWORDFISH does not aim to replace or compete with any existing product or technology; but rather it aims to integrate and centralize under a new holistic approach. SWORDFISH technology is engineered to dynamically scale and adopt, providing with the necessary content, applications and gear (a) to plan, design, build and orchestrate Enterprise Information Security, (b) to integrate with subset security and business systems (c) to automate and streamline security procedures (d) to consolidate, normalize and correlate information for assets, people and technology using the unified and structured SWORDFISH security ontology.

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