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Swordfish Policy
Management Datasheet

3 August 2019

The Information Security Framework, consisting of policies, standards, implementation guides procedures etc., is crucial for an organization as it establishes boundaries (in terms of values and ethics) that define the expected behavior and operation of the organization, in both micro- and macro-level. Poor policy management or an unmanaged associated system usually have adverse impact to the organization, in terms of wasted resources through redundancy and overlap (for example, excessive emails, documents and paper trails, out of sync files and documents, lack of accountability etc.), while at the same time they introduce liabilities and non-compliant issues that might create serious legal implications (i.e. they can be used against the organization in legal proceedings). To address this need, an organization must establish a framework that it is willing to enforce — but it also must be clearly communicated, to make sure that individuals understand what is expected of them and maintained.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Policy Management Datasheet.