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Swordfish Risk
Management Datasheet

3 August 2019

Risk is an inherent component of any information technology ecosystem and as such, its management is an essential requirement of several of the most important information security standards and frameworks. A deep understanding and a comprehensive view of its slow-in-change (assets and other entities) and dynamic (multi-level probabilistic analysis of enterprise-wide impacts) constituents, along with an active and systematic monitoring of its entire lifecycle in real-time, may lead in avoiding potentially catastrophic consequences to the organization, such as financial losses, disruption of IT services, reputational damage, legal consequences, financial losses etc. On the opposite side, ad-hoc, ill-structured attempts that entail manual relevant processes for identification, assessment, evaluation and treatment of information security risks usually end up contributing in difficult-to-manage incidents.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Risk Management Datasheet.