Swordfish Supply Chain Security

Outsourcing IT services is a common practice, nowadays, mostly due to the potentially substantial benefits it delivers: cost savings, focus on the core business, advanced efficiency/effectiveness and eventually competitive advantage. However, vendors can introduce a significant level of risk in the organization’s ecosystem, since they mostly operate outside its direct control. Despite this fact, organizations often overlook the threat vector imposed by their vendors, mainly attributed to latter’s partial or poor application of good security policies and controls. Being unaware of their vendors’ security posture, many organizations struggle to identify the level of imported risks and the means to individually address them. Establishing a robust Vendor Security Management Program and incorporating it into the organization’s security governance is the only sustainable and feasible solution. SWORDFISH Vendor Security Management Application provides a centralized, dynamic and automated process for Vendor Security Assessment that your team and your vendors will enjoy tangible benefits using it: a) Readily available Security Assessment Questionnaires cover various areas such as: Information Security Documentation, Access Control, Physical Access and Security, Secure Development, Information Classification and Handling etc. b) Our solution is able to compile real-time and ad-hoc reports for senior management, auditors and regulators.

At a glance:

  • Readily available vendor security questionnaires based on internationally recognized security standards (i.e. ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials) and best practices.
  • Execute Vendor Security Assessments via a centralized web-based console.
  • Real time monitoring of Vendor’s adherence level to security requirements and tracking of remediation actions.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Supply Chain Security Datasheet.