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Swordfish Visualization
and Analytics Datasheet

3 August 2019

Traditional visualization approaches, especially in the cyber-security area, broadly attempt to visualize statistical data (either raw or processed) in a one-size-fits-all fashion, paying little (or no) attention to business issues, stemming from: a) the way specific vertical markets operate or b) the needs of individual field experts (internal sponsors, CISO, advanced/power users, etc.) This, often, necessitates a meta-analysis, i.e. a manual or semi-automated business interpretation of provided statistics, based on end-users background, relevant experience and analytical capabilities. Apart from siloing decision making knowledge where instant collaboration is necessary, this practice actually plays the role of an overall time-, money- and intelligence-consumer, ending up to keep value under the radar. What is really needed is the provision of pre-configured out-of-the-box visualizations (as a “scalable” flexible library), based on advanced business thinking and sophisticated data architectures, capable to actively and easily support self-service enhancements.

Swordfish Visualization and Analytics Application best fulfils this need, by delivering ontology-based dashboards and graphs, founded on Obrela’s long standing cyber security international experience as consultant, integrator and SOC performer. In this way, Swordfish can: a) suggest advanced visual “solution paths to decision making” to both day-to-day and strategic cyber security issues to be resolved and b) enable end users to create their visual ecosystem, depicting their way of approaching business.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Visualization and Analytics Datasheet.