Brand Risk Protection

For the first quarter of 2021, Obrela research
showed there was a 67% increase in attacks targeting organisations’ brands in Western Europe.

Brand cyberattacks include organized disinformation campaigns against brands, the writing of fake reviews, account takeovers, AI deep fakes, and the defrauding of customers using facsimile websites and impersonation.

These incidents put at risk an organisation’s reputation, customer trust, and intellectual property, with weaponised disinformation a particular growth area driven by business rivalry, criminal extortion, grudges and hacktivism, and state sponsored attacks.

A study by the University of Baltimore and CHEQ estimates that disinformation alone now costs the global economy $78 billion, with a single negative article on search pages causing a 22% loss of business.

Because attacks are often impossible to see until real damage has been done, protecting digital assets has turned into an almost impossible challenge.

The number of channels to monitor has ballooned, and now includes social media, mobile messaging apps, customer review platforms, as well as undocumented dark web forums. Increasingly, these campaigns use languages other than English, including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

Even when malicious attacks are successfully detected, reacting to them presents complex practical challenges organisations struggle to manage on an ongoing basis.


Brand Risk Protection (BRP) by Obrela

Obrela’s BRP, a capability that is part of our pioneering MDR service, offers a solution to the problem of attacks on an organisation’s brand and digital assets in an all-in-one service.

It gives an organisation instant visibility and threat intelligence across its entire digital attack surface.


▪ Brand protection

Monitors for brand impersonation, scans for logos and images, social media impersonation, and account takeover.

▪ Phishing and fraud

Monitors forums and websites for credential dumps and fake products listings.

▪ Domain protection

Monitors the web for domain typosquatting and homoglyphs, subdomain spoofing and other domain impersonation attacks.

▪ Dark and deep web monitoring

Searches for signs of breaches and stolen data sales on TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, and paste sites.

▪ Account takeover and executive protection

Guards against takeover attacks against executive and corporate accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Manage Threats From One System

Using Obrela BRP, organisations gain a single, actionable view on their digital assets at any moment in time that allows them to take down fraudulent websites, accounts and reviews, revoke compromised credentials, remove counterfeit web content, notify app stores of fake apps, and inform law enforcement of copyright infringements.

In the case of website defacement, Obrela’s BRP will immediately hide malicious content, blocking any accounts used to post it.

This takes back control of digital assets back from criminals and bad actors, giving security, brand, and marketing managers a complete picture of emerging threats as well as the organisational response.


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