Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is the proactive identification of cyber threats that are present and remain undetected in a network.

Cyber threat hunting digs deep to find malicious actors in your environment that have slipped past your initial endpoint security defenses. OBRELA’s Threat Hunting framework focuses on proactive hypothesis-driven threat assessment and backed by the most current threat intelligence available from threat analytics, threat intelligence, incident response technologies in order to detect and isolate advanced threats. Our Threat Hunting service is offered as part of our Professional or Managed Defense Response Services.



Hunt the unexpected

OBRELA Hunters proactively hunt for hidden attackers by reviewing intrusion trends, providing insights into the current landscape of adversary tactics and delivering highlights of notable intrusions identified in your environment. Interactive attacks use stealthy or novel techniques designed to bypass automated monitoring and detection. Continuous reporting with threat hunting is the best way to detect and prevent sophisticated or persistent attacks.


Gain additional benefit from your tools

Depending on your infrastructure, OBRELA Hunters execute queries through monitoring tools to obtain visibility in your environment by leveraging your already existing deployed products (e.g. analyze network traffic, runtime and registry on endpoints in an IT domain) to get as much information as possible.


Key features

Network Threat Analytics

Our team will analyze a variety of data to correlate suspicious activities between network and applications as intrusion prevention systems alone will not stop advanced threat actors. Multi-source analytics uses statistical algorithms to continuously discover a new cyber threat, and machine intelligence systems then triage, investigate, and respond to quickly stop attack campaigns.


Endpoint Threat Analytics

Using deep telemetry from endpoints, we continuously monitor user and application analytics to identify abnormal behavior, undetected adversaries or even insider threats. Our threat hunting team then verifies these outputs to eliminate false positives and dig deeper to data information and systems to detect attacks that may have evaded other security controls.


Research-Driven Methodology

OBRELA-CSIRT constantly analyzes samples from emerging threat and evaluates new methodologies to uncover new Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). By continuously updating our threat intelligence feeds, Obrela Security Industries provide superior threat hunting capabilities to empower organizations minimize their exposure to advanced adversaries by to stay one step ahead of attackers.


Customized automation workflows

Response workflows can be chained together into various remediation action with custom detections, to proactively monitor for and respond to various events and system states, relevant to your specific use cases and environment, including suspected breach activity and misconfigured endpoints. This is made possible by customizable detection rules that automatically trigger alerts as well as response actions.


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