Red Teaming

by Obrela Labs

What is Red teaming?

No matter how good an organization thinks its security posture is, it is impossible to be sure until they are attacked.  Red teaming is a way of finding out, providing an adversarial simulation of a cyber-attack under real-world conditions.

Conducted over an extended period, the objective is to assess an entire organization’s resistance to compromise, including technology, people, and processes.

Unlike penetration testing, Red teaming assesses the performance of multiple domains, including networks, applications, employee resistance to social engineering and deception, physical and building security, and the capabilities of inhouse incident response.


Red teaming benefits

  • Provides valuable insight on the defensive teams in order to improve organizational readiness against cyber-threats
  • Red teaming can uncover hard-to-see operational oversights organizations are not aware of
  • Provides a sanity check for organizations already conducting regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests


Why choose OBRELA Labs?

Every OBRELA Labs Red teaming exercise is conducted within a predefined time window by a dedicated team of experts using tactical tradecraft and advanced exploitation methods.

The team features a wide range of accreditations including Offensive Security OSCP, CREST CPSA, CREST CRT and EC-Council CEH.

Since the effectiveness of Red teaming is dependent on the skills, experience and security intuition of the team conducting it, OBRELA Labs with years of experience to call on, has acquired the extensive expertise in advanced adversary simulation which can be tailored to the requirements of a wide range of business sectors and exercise goals.

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