SOCaaS is a Security Operations Center (SOC) subscription-based service that ensures real time monitoring and analysis of security events, proactive incident management and compliance with regulations.

The service level includes real-time security monitoring and response by OBRELA’s Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) including Analysis and Validation of the alerts, their interpretation to meaningful and actionable information, escalation based on mutually agreed Rules of Engagement and guidance throughout the lifecycle of security incidents until their mitigation and recovery.

The SOCaaS is provided as an integral part of OSI’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform and can act on top of individual parts of the platform or as a whole.


Key Features

The MDR SOC service includes:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 continuous monitoring and analysis
  • Actionable incidents escalation so that security events and alerts are analyzed at the Cyber Defense Centers of OBRELA, manually validated by analysts and escalated to the Customer with the corresponding severity level.
  • Optimized procedures for incident escalation and management process until incident resolution defining the roles and responsibilities between the SOC and the Client Responsible Parties.
  • Active Incidents Containment
  • Remote Security Incident Response to critical security incidents
  • Threat eradication recommendation providing to the customer all the information regarding the incident and the events that triggered it, and the detailed mitigation actions recommended by the Cyber Defense Center
  • Integration with OBRELA’s MDR technologies (e.g. SIEMaaS, EDRaaS) and optional Security Analytics Platforms for advanced thread detection, response and prevention capabilities
  • Threat Hunting by experienced analysts teams who perform advanced active search to identify gaps in the organization infrastructure and security areas of further fine tuning and optimization based on OSI proactive methodology and advanced analytics.
  • MDR technologies and content management, configuration and customization
  • Advanced protection against both perimeter and insider threats
  • Easy-to-use User Web Console, and Ticketing System
  • Compliance reporting and log retention for PCI, HIPAA, NERC, etc.
  • Ability to keep logs in original and normalized format for a retention period requested by the client
  • Content development
  • Complementary intelligence services which comprises of threat intelligence, threat analytics for IT, Cloud, OT, User/Endpoints, Vessel monitoring and other elements of the Digital Universe.


Obrela factor

OBRELA’s MDR SOCaaS supports real-time monitoring and analysis of event data in diverse / hybrid environments (IT, Cloud, OT, etc) leveraging threat intelligence, threat detection analytics and incident response capabilities. The MDR SOCaaS solution provides to enterprises a turnkey threat detection and response service that significantly reduces the mean time to detect and respond to attacks in their environment.

Our SOCaaS offering is based on highly available Cyber Defense Centers that are manned by security experts and is a vendor independent service supporting most of the industry leading MDR technologies. All its services are operations based, incorporating procedures and methodologies that will ensure emergency response and high availability of resources. The services include alternative communication channels, 24/7 monitoring and support, emergency call center that will provide first level support and will coordinate emergency support teams to support Clients on emergency cases.


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