Blog November 30, 2018

Compliance Assessment Blog


Compliance Assessment is the way to ensure that an organization abides with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements as well as requirements defined in corporate ISMS and international standards/best practices.

OBRELA’s pioneering compliance assessment methodology may assist organizations in assessing their compliance status and dealing with any implications identified and ultimately assist the organization to reach a proper compliance level which will safeguard their operations.

OBRELA’s analysis team collects information, analyzes and evaluates the security processes and practices in place, in order to identify the deviations of existing security arrangements against security requirements.

By juxtaposing the results of the gap analysis against corporate Information Security Management System (ISMS) and international best practices, the missing controls and areas where the ISMS should be improved are highlighted, along with the necessary actions that the organization should implement, in order to achieve compliance with the framework, including missing or not enforced policies and procedures.

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