Blog December 12, 2023

Unveiling Our Redesigned Website:

A New Chapter in Cybersecurity Excellence

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, a testament to Obrela’s commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. As part of this commitment, we have revamped our website to provide you with an enhanced experience, making it easier for you to explore and discover more about our cutting-edge solutions.

The transformation in both logo and website design marks a natural evolution in our company’s development, driven by a successful acquisition, sustained growth, and outstanding performance. With an improved product layout and expanded content, the new website is meticulously crafted to better convey our brand and our unwavering message: “Security Over Everything.

Our refined logo remains the embodiment of our mission — “To keep our client’s business in business and protect their cyberspace.” It serves as an umbrella of security, safeguarding every person, every asset, and every goal of our clients’ businesses, regardless of the threats that may loom over them. It’s a cyber umbrella over everything.

Featuring six petals, our logo symbolizes our culture and values, underscoring our uncompromised commitment to excellence. This commitment extends beyond meeting expectations; it signifies our dedication to adding value for all stakeholders, delivering demonstrably superior services with the highest levels of quality, excellence, and timeliness.


Additionally, the introduction of new colors further emphasizes our CORPORATE IDENTITY:

  • Blue: Symbolizing integrity and trust, the blue in our brand reflects our commitment to ethical practices and transparent dealings. It represents the reliability and dependability that our clients can expect from Obrela.
  • Magenta: The magenta hue embodies our strong defensive capabilities in the realm of cybersecurity. It signifies our vigilance and proactive stance in safeguarding our clients against potential threats. This color represents the protective shield we provide in the dynamic landscape of cyberspace.
  • Yellow: Yellow exudes energy and innovation in our brand. It symbolizes our offensive services, showcasing our proactive approach to tackling challenges. This color represents the dynamism and creativity we bring to the table, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in cybersecurity solutions.
  • Black: A timeless and sophisticated color, black represents the elegance and professionalism embedded in our brand. It signifies the depth of our expertise and the seriousness with which we approach cybersecurity. Black adds a touch of refinement, underlining our commitment to delivering services with the highest standards.

These carefully chosen colors weave into the fabric of our brand, each carrying a unique meaning that contributes to the overall essence of Obrela. Combined with an intelligently crafted structure of our website, we give emphasis on user experience, making valuable information available to visitors, while facilitating easy contact and subscription to our News for a deeper understanding of Obrela and how we can empower your business to ‘be ready, be resilient, be unstoppable‘ in cyberspace.

We invite you to explore our new website and experience the enhanced features that showcase our dedication to innovation, cybersecurity, whilst exceeding your expectations. Your security is our priority, and our revamped online presence reflects our ongoing commitment to providing best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with Obrela.