Blog June 5, 2018

Why Cybersecurity is Failing its Customers


The gorilla in the room at InfoSecurity Europe 2018 is that the industry is assiduously trying to ignore the fact that the cybersecurity industry has failed itself and its customers consistently and spectacularly.

The 19,500 industry professionals from around the world who are attending InfoSecurity Europe will effectively be offering sticking plasters to heal a gaping wound. Contested assessments on the cost of cyber-attacks range from approximately $400 billion for 2014 to more than $3 trillion by 2020. But while cybercrime is rising, so is year-on-year spending on cybersecurity. Clearly, something is failing.

At this year’s InfoSecurity Europe, Obrela Security Industries is showcasing radical ways of enabling the cybersecurity industry to do itself and its customers justice.

These include:

  • How integrated risk management (IRM) can deliver 3D (three dimensional) information security;
  • The real-time integration of the three key elements of people, processes and technology;
  • How SWORDFISH Universe functionality centrally maps all Security-related corporate assets;
  • How agile security models can prevent foreseen threats and lay the ground for effective response and threat containment;
  • How process automation and the introduction of a security application workflow can produce invaluable security-related data and records.“A new era for information security will emerge as soon as vendors and the market realize that methods, products and services must be challenged to address the enterprise and the root causes of vulnerable infrastructures rather than developing painkillers for emerging security threats,” says George Patsis, CEO and founder of Obrela Security Industries. Obrela is exhibiting at InfoSecurity Europe 2018 on Stand N25.

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