Brochure June 6, 2015

Exposure Management Brochure

As IT environments constantly grow due to demand and evolve due to new services such as the Internet of Things, Bring Your Own Device, Cloud Services, Social Media and big data, IT Security becomes a necessity not only for mid to enterprise range but for even smaller companies as well. On top of that and during the last 3 years, regulations and worldwide certifications have become and are about to become even more demanding in the future.

Whether you are looking for Black-Box, Gray-Box or White-Box assessment approaches, Obrela Security Industries CREST-Certified Assurance engineers can proactively identify existing information security vulnerabilities that can compromise the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your organization. Moreover, our experts are in the position to actively provide you with the appropriate industry-leading and best-practice guidance to mitigate all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Our Corporate Research and Assurance services comprise a full set of services, which can assure an excellent proactive information security level. Every IT component is covered and assessed by highly professional and expert personnel. We can deliver those either as Professional Services (one-off) or under a Managed Services scheme. In the Managed Services option clients would also receive our Vulnerability Management services and Platform as part of the service. These would greatly enhance operational performance by managing the complete vulnerability lifecycle from detection to corrective and/or mitigating actions with completely workflow’ed and ticketed tracking, reporting and analytics.

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