News September 27, 2016

HP Worldwide Case Study About Obrela

HP Worldwide has honored Obrela Security Industries by recognizing them as an industry-leading innovator in the field of Managed Security Services by profiling them in the recently published “Obrela Keeps your business in business with HP Arcsight” case study.
The case study features the high level of services and innovation that Obrela provides to their customers based on the world’s number one SIEM platform (as defined by 10 consecutive years of Gartner Magic Quadrants). Obrela’s services are used by major domestic and Global 500 corporations.
Obrela’s highly experienced Security Operations Center analysts have significantly extended the HP Arcsight platform capabilities with innovative industry leading functionality, tools and feeds. Examples include:
  • Automated Malware Analysis engines for automatic out-of-band analysis of even the most obscure drive-by downloads their users might inadvertently make.
  • On premise, in-region and extra-regional honey-nets that allow for in-depth knowledge about regional, local and hyper-local attacks.
  • Multiple dynamic malware, mal-site and intelligence acquisition feeds that find, prioritize and inform about activity regarding possible malicious actions against customers and their intellectual property.
The case study describes the feeling that many customers have when they first connect their infrastructure to Obrela’s Security Operations Centers: “It’s like a light is suddenly turned on in a dark room and you see that you are not alone… as you thought you were! The level of insight that Obrela gives us, not only within the company but also about the surrounding Internet environment is incredible.”
Obrela has assisted many companies to get away from the notion that defense-only mechanisms are enough. They have done this by providing easy to deploy, flexible and cost-effective 24×7 monitoring services without sacrificing either quality or customer satisfaction.

Also see the interview on Yahoo! News between George Patsis (co-Founder and CEO of Obrela) and Michael Callahan (then-VP of Security Product Marketing at HP) at: