Cyber Risk Management: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

3 November 2019 - by George Patsis

Despite the heavy impact of a system breach, organizations worldwide are still lacking the necessary determination to create a robust response to cybercrime. There is a rising socioeconomic environment though, that considers information security to be a definite competitive advantage and also a business enabler.

In order to ensure information confidentiality, integrity and availability, organisations need to do more than simply buy a product. In fact, the multitude of different products, creates increased complexity damaging operational capacity. This lack of cohesion is revealing the big gab in our defence and at the same time the need for a unified system that will bridge information assets, people and processes in order to accomplish the much-needed interoperability.

To achieve this, we first need to understand that we cannot rely solely on technology. Integrated cyber risk management requires a threefold. Centralized workflow and data and human intelligence. Creating a singular solution able to unify and consolidate, allows as not only to extract new knowledge from the same environment but also to simplify and automate processes managing to achieve bigger adaptability to an everchanging threat environment.

Cyber risk management can be our strongest weapon towards our goal to ensure trust, security and safety but also, can be the enabler to achieve risk quantification, taking cyber security to the next phase.

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