Swordfish Application Builder Datasheet

Updating and customizing applications associated with different facets of cyber security are essential features of modern platforms, as they contribute to keep high standards of maintainability and personalization. When it comes to SaaS approaches, these characteristics become mission-critical, since speed in release, competitiveness in solutions’ refinement and intelligent maintenance define the path to success.

Having the goal of security consolidation, OBRELA Security Industries builds SWORDFISH Applications and provides related content, however a ready-made Application can be extended or customized for the customer. Every Application, depending on its nature and client’s needs and customizations, includes specific Workflows, Forms, Ontologies, Menus, Queries and Reports/Visualizations.

At a glance:

  • SWORDFISH Applications Builder packages the functionality required for applications and use cases like Access Management, Vulnerability Management, Risk Management etc.
  • All applications are created by OBRELA Security Industries and are available for our clients either through our SaaS offering or can be installed on-premise.
  • Application pages can be dynamically configured.
  • The grid can save custom data views either as a public or as a private view.
  • A versioning mechanism exists so that every change made to an Application is kept as a separate revision during Publishing.


Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Application Builder Datasheet.

Download the Datasheet