Swordfish Capabilities


Swordfish Capabilities

Orchestrate and Automate

Engineered as a security platform SWORDFISH, provides with the necessary content, applications and gear to orchestrate and automate the most complex security workflows and enterprise security ecosystems that involve human to human, human to system or system to system interactions.

Design and Build Workflows

Integrated Workflow Designer and Builder allows no-code workflow design and development. Security Analysts can now use, edit existing or design interactive workflows of any complexity under a consistent interface enriched with analytics and visualization.

Assess Risk in Real Time

Instead of analyzing technology-only related data SWORDFISH can leverage contextual workflow data to generate enhanced or process-enriched views for vulnerability, configuration and other operational state data to assess operational and security risks. SWORDFISH can support enterprise decision making by correlating the output of traditionally siloed processes and technologies such as vulnerability and threat management with governance, compliance and exception handling processes.

Build your (own) Security Applications

SWORDFISH Platform allows fast low and no code development of security applications designed for your security organization. Application workflows and data can be natively integrated or related to the other applications allowing everyone to build their own automation and orchestration functionality.

Break the Silos

SWORDFISH integration capabilities enable Security Professionals to eliminate data silos and centralize all security related data under the same big data lake. Security analysts can access all security data instantly and use that knowledge to explore statistically or dynamically linked data residing in multiple internal and external data sets, and to do so in real time.

Integrate with Everything

SWORDFISH connectors can be build to integrate workflows with virtually any third party security products and applications services using REST APIs.