Swordfish Hub

Organizations, implementing an Information Security Framework need an easy and controlled way to provide access to ISF documentation as well as train their users on information security to have them up-to-date with the latest awareness material. At the same time, users who participate in the security processes of the organization, need a centralized point of access in order to execute the required workflows, answer questionnaires regarding security awareness and be informed through value-added material on information security news and best practices.

This centralized point of access needs to be easily tailored and integrated with the intranet portal of the organization, so that users immediately feel at-home with the security standards and processes and the impact on their day-to-day life is minimum.

SWORDFISH Hub addresses the above requirements by providing an easy to use interface that can be tailored to the look-and-feel of each organization and seamlessly integrate with every intranet portal.

At a glance:

  • Single gateway to the security organization, allowing easy access to corporate policies, standards and other documentation.
  • Execution of security procedures through a centralized and access-controlled gateway.
  • Integration with your corporate intranet portal and single-sign-on through Active Directory.
  • Provision of on-line training and awareness material.
  • Evaluation of your user’s awareness through targeted questionnaires.
  • Enablement of your 3rd party Vendors to participate to your security processes.


Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Hub Datasheet.

Download the Datasheet