Event April 2, 2016

Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Enterprise IT Security Conference

Obrela Security Industries was the Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Enterprise IT Security Conference, which took place on March 10-11, 2016 at the Maroussi Plaza conference center in Athens, Greece.

Mr. George Patsis, Founder & CEO of Obrela Security Industries, was one of the keynote speakers, who delivered a presentation on “Emerging Threats vs Security Intelligence”.
In his presentation, Mr. Patsis spoke about cybercrime trends, including the lowering of the entry barrier to cybercrime and the increasing aggressiveness of cybercrime. He also had the chance to analyze them, as he described them, “perfect storm conditions” that characterize the existing threat landscape.

Through his speech, he presented the trends and few of the most interesting outcomes from the OBRELA SECURITY INDUSTRIES threat intelligence index.

Mr. Patsis had also the chance to showcase the evolving Threats in the new “cyberspace” world order and the new generation security models, which need to address Visibility using advanced threat detection and analytics as key components of the modern security architecture. The Conference Agenda focused on the following key areas of interest:

What threats emerge through the expansion of the organization in digital markets, and digital disruption.
What are the best practices to address new risks?
Why is IT Security a crucial issue for the Board and what are the conditions for efficient investment in digital security?
What is the role of CISO in digitized organization, and which are the new considerations for his cooperation with the CIO, the Chief Audit Executive and the management of the company?