Event June 24, 2011

Obrela at AthCon

AthCon is a well-known security conference targeting audiences with interest in Information Security, standing out from the rest with its vendor independent character. A large number of equally interesting presentations took place; exploitation, reverse engineering, penetration testing, network security, cloud security are only a small subset of the topics that were presented. As a highlight, Mr. Peter Van Eeckhoutte from Corelan Team, got to introduce his team’s new exploitation “child”, Mona, for the first time, only a few days prior to its release.

In addition, the Conference included an “only for the tough” CTF (Capture the Flag) hacking challenge, attracting a great number of technically skilled individuals, each struggling to conquer the trophy, while at the same time struggling to make their opponents’ life harder.

As the AthCon Diamond Sponsor, Obrela Security Industries’ kiosk was there, participating in the free discussions and knowledge exchange with conference attendants. During the conference, Mr. Yiannis Koukouras, head of the Research and Assurance division, with his speech “Smartphone Malware Detection (SMD)” presented Obrela Security Industries’ new research project on Android malicious software detection; SafeFish. By utilizing a behavioral analysis model, SafeFish is a malware detection framework, providing proactive protection against the emerging security threats towards the Android platform.

Overall, 2011’s AthCon was stronger than ever. Hacking challenges, industry-known presenters from around the globe, presentations touching more than “hot” topics, attendants of diverse background (IT managers, IS professionals, researchers etc) and Athens’ early June sweet weather… what more can one ask for?