Event October 8, 2019

Obrela at KPMG Cyber Security Conference 2019

Obrela Security Industries proudly sponsored KPMG’s Cyber Security Conference: The Era of Constant Vigilance, which was held at the Grand Hyatt Athens hotel on October 8th.

George Patsis, CEO, delivered a speech on “Building Cyber Resilience in the Digitized World” emphasising on the need to respond to cyber security threats in real time. In order to address cyber security comprehensively we must tale a new approach and develop cyber resilience.

Among other issues, George Patsis, mentioned key challenges the industry faces today, such us:

  • Worldwide security spending is increasing but cybercrime keeps climbing
  • Security sprawl is not sustainable
  • There is lack of Capability to detect attacks early
  • Need to manage Exposure
  • Must reduce both the probability of the attack and the impact of a breach