News February 17, 2022

Οbrela Launches New Global Cybersecurity Center

A significant investment for the country and the strengthening of its cyber security position strategy

Following the announcement of the acquisition of the cyber security company Encode, Obrela Security Industries inaugurated the new advanced Cyber ​​Security Operations Center (SOC) in Athens, which was built as a single coordination center of all company SOCs.

The Minister of Development and Investment, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis,  had the opportunity to visit the new SOC located in the company premises and get informed about the new expanded possibilities it provides to customers all around the globe. As Mr. Georgiadis stated: “The strengthened position of Obrela through the acquisition of Encode, as well as the investment in both cybersecurity infrastructure and specialized human resources, will offer new perspectives for Greece in a critical and rapidly developing sector, such as cybersecurity. That fact has a positive effect of reducing the brain drain by creating attractive jobs in the field of innovation and technology “.


As stated by the CEO and co-founder of Obrela, Mr. George Patsis, “One important milestone has been completed with success, bringing Greece to the forefront of the cybersecurity sector. At the same time, the new SOC will make a significant contribution to the momentum we have developed to protect large-scale and highly complex infrastructures in the digital universe. Combined with our proprietary service ‘Swordfish’, we offer our customers robust 24/7 cyber security delivered through a state-of-the-art, proprietary platform combining cutting-edge technology and critical business thinking with deep cybersecurity know-how. The constant trust and support of our investors, EOS Capital Partners, led by Mr. Apostolos Tamvakakis and the Latsco Family Office, allows us to develop dynamically.”

At its essence, a SOC is simply a group of security professionals working in a coordinated manner. This allows collaboration over intelligence on actual threats to systems and real incidents relating to them. And it ensures vulnerabilities and gaps are discovered, supported by risk, and prioritized for operations to close. Meanwhile, it provides this same risk implication guidance is baked into any changes in systems, infrastructure, and vendor systems. Obrela Security Operations Centers handle more than 18 billion critical events each year. Last year alone, the company collected vast volumes of data (2,500TB) from its customer systems, analyzing its customer systems and its customers’ systems—actual cyber-attacks on an international scale.

The Obrela customers receive the highest possible resilience, safety, and protection standards. In contrast, the response time to a security incident is set at 15 minutes, when the corresponding time in internal management can reach 4-6 months.

Obrela’s case studies include critical areas such as energy, telecommunications, health and banking, and the protection of demanding projects such as wind farms, oil wells and refineries in the ocean. The new coordination center should support the company’s expansion plans in new areas, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, and further development globally.

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