News December 13, 2023

A new brand identity and website

Obrela has launched a new brand identity and website affirming its dynamic evolution in the cybersecurity landscape


London, UK |  Obrela, a leading cybersecurity services provider, has announced the launch of its redesigned website and refreshed branding. This significant milestone aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation and addresses the evolving needs of the cybersecurity market.

The new website and logo reflect a natural evolution in Obrela’s development, driven by sustained growth and outstanding performance. Crafted to support the latest product lineup, including MDR (Managed Detection and Response), MRC (Managed Risk and Controls), MCD (Managed Cyber Defense) and Advisory Services, the website is designed to reinforce the brand promise: “Security Over Everything.”

The website now offers a comprehensive understanding of how Obrela empowers businesses to ‘be ready, be resilient, be unstoppable’ in cyberspace. It conveys the essence of its core compelling value proposition — “No matter how far a business reaches or how complex it grows, Obrela provides real-time, risk-aligned cybersecurity that covers it all.”

The new refined logo embodies OBRELA’s missionTo keep its clients’ business in business”. An “umbrella” of security that protects every person, every thing, and every goal their business has, no matter the threats that may loom over its customers. A cyber umbrella over everything.

The intelligently designed new website with enhanced features showcases the innovative approach to cybersecurity, ensuring easy access to the company’s solutions and services. Specific areas of interest are prominently featured, providing visitors with insights into Obrela’s leading positioning, offering valuable information and facilitating easy contact and subscription to the company’s Newsletter.

George Patsis, CEO at Obrela states: “The brand and website transformation reflects our ongoing effort to exceed stakeholder expectations, evident in our growing performance. The revamped logo and website aim to deliver a better understanding about Obrela and how our commitment to excellence is being articulated in the new online destination. At Obrela, we do more than create better cybersecurity. We create cyber resilience to defend every person, asset and goal your business has.”

This is the essence of the new brand and corporate website of Obrela. Security Over Everything!

Readers are invited to explore Obrela’s revamped website at to discover how the company continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions