News July 16, 2008

ENISA invites Obrela to present about Risk Assessment

ENISA invites Obrela to present the Methodological Tools and Approach in handling Risk Assessment

ENISA invites Obrela Security Industries to present the Methodological Tools and Approach in handling Risk Assessment in complex and resource intensive environments typically found in Telecommunications Providers.

Obrela Security Industries welcomed the invitation to participate in this challenging event and organized a presentation which was held at ENISA premises.

Senior Experts from Obrela Security Industries with extensive and practical experience in the area of security assessment in big telecommunication networks provided a high level presentation addressing network structures, network components, security related information, operational issues and methodological aspects of Risk Assessment and Risk Management typically found on relevant client environments.
The attendants, Senior ENISA experts, had the opportunity to share their concerns and discuss ways to handle complexity and risk factors with Obrela Security Industries field experts. Important factors including the social aspects of telecommunications availability as well as operational and legal requirements during crisis were also discussed in a mutually beneficial manner.
Obrela Security Industries acknowledges that ENISA, as European Network and Information Security Agency, possesses unique potential and know how in the field and considers the invitation as highly valued and honoring.