Video June 7, 2018

Infosec 2018 | Panel Discussion – Improving Security & Data Breach Response

George Patsis, CEO of Obrela Security Industries, was interviewed at Infosecurity Europe 2018 along with other security experts on:

  • The biggest trends from the 2018 threatscape
  • What to do if there is a data breach
  • The data breach checklist
  • Cyber risk management
  • Building a cyber-resilient enterprise


  • Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds, Cyber Management Alliance
  • Darren Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA Region, Symantec
  • Giampiero Nanni, Government Affairs, EMEA, Symantec
  • George Patsis, CEO, Obrela Security Industries

The session was streamed LIVE from London | Infosecurity Europe conference.